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May 11

ACEN 2009 Pics

Posted by K'thardin

Recently went to Anime Central 2009 over at Chicago…in fact, I just got back last night, heh.  I took more pics there than I have at any of the previous conventions I went to due in no small part to the shear amount of photoshoot gatherings I took part in.  It’ll take me a few days to get these pics processed and up on the site, so if you received my card, I do appologize for the delay, but they will be up just as soon as I can get them color corrected, red eye removed, etc.

In the mean time, why not turn the card over and head over to Dragon’s Anime and check out some of the reports, reviews, and whatnot we have over there.  Or if you prefer, just click the tab up top to head over to the pics area of this site where the convention goings of myself, Mayhem, and Beacon are displayed.

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