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Dec 16

OPTAS – Nanowrimo Special

Posted by K'thardin

Can’t believe I let this one go; I should be flogged. I’ll have to look into getting a Texan dominatrix, with spine grinding high heels, and a penchant for pain. In any event, awhile ago, One Piece Abridged put out a neat little short for Nanowrimo, or National Novel Writing Month. But why bother describing it, when you can listen to Koby tell you all about it on the special below.

Dec 13

Someone should shoot me for taking so long at this.  In any event, in the November timeframe I went to a small convention for about a day called Pacific Media Expo to meet up with an old friend who, while being an old friend, I’d never seen in real life.  While there, I did what I typically do at a convention, and that’s to take a few pictures.

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