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Jun 17

Anime Central 2009 Day 1

Posted by K'thardin

Well, I have Day 1 of Anime Central 2009’s report done and posted at Dragon’s Anime.

Hope everyone finds this more interesting than the dry prep of Day 0, heh.

Jun 13

Well, the first of the videos I’ve recorded this year, the 2009 ACEN Masquerade, is now ready for download and viewing.

More to come as I get them encoded.  Enjoy!

Jun 3

Fanime 2009 Pics Now Available

Posted by K'thardin

Well, finally got the pics for Fanime 2009 up.  Like the ACEN ones, I’ve not gone through and culled them, that’ll come later.  It’s more important I get them up for everyone to enjoy.  Just click the button up top, or just click here to go directly there.

As before, if you see yourself and you want a full sized unedited or RAW pic, just contact me and I’ll make it available.  Enjoy what you see and have fun!