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Jul 20

Anime Expo 2010 Pics Are Up

Posted by K'thardin

Someone had the bright idea to release a kick ass Transformers game and a Dragon Quest game recently.  I must find these people and both thank them profusely and beat them to death, because I have work to do, damnit!

On the subject of work, I’ve finally processed the nearly 400 pics I took for Anime Expo 2010.  You can either click on the link up top or just click right here if you want.  And now I have to go and see about so much much more…oh Lord what did I do to deserve this?  Oh, right, I volunteered.

Jul 5

So, back from Anime Expo and finally got some information on one of the most screwed up technical problems I’ve ever seen in video editing software of any sort. Simple little problems like…oh…I dunno…ADDING A WATERMARK?! Anyway, after going through several solutions which plain flat out just don’t work (not working on linux…gee, that sounds familiar) I find myself back at Avidemux using a plugin designed to work with wine, avisynth. A powerful scripting tool to be sure, but being a scripting tool with a hacked in plugin solution, getting the right verbage down for certain plugins is…harrowing to say the least.

Regardless, I’ve got it. So, without further ado, here’s the Anime Central 2010 Fashion Show torrent as recorded by yours truly, and hosted by Nyaa Torrents. Now all I have to do is figure out how I’m going to deal with this Maquerade video. I’ve got an in with another person who filmed most of the Yoshiki thing in the middle. I only hope we all have enough to hack together the whole thing.