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Aug 17

Anime Expo 2009 Idol Contest

Posted by K'thardin

Welcome all! Today, I have a torrent for the Anime Expo 2009 Idol contest up. The competition was FIERCE this year, making this one of the most kick ass events of the entire convention. I hope everyone enjoys this video, especially those that took part in it. You all did great!

Thanks again to Nyaa Torrents for hosting this link.

Aug 14

First 100 of Mayhem’s Pics Up!

Posted by K'thardin

In my quest to make high quality pics, I’ve discovered a new tool…Topaz Labs.  These are Photoshop plugins that are nearly black magic when it comes to eliminating noise, artifacts, and sharpening edges…among other things I’ve found.  Anything that can use a photoshop plugin can use these…so I’m running them off of Irfanview in WINE on Kubuntu.  I swear it runs better that way than on a normal Windows box.

With that in mind, check out the first 100 or so Mayhem’s Pics from Anime Expo 2009!  I’ve been using them as a test case, and I’m rather impressed with the tool overall.  I’ll complete his pics this year in this tool as a good showcase for what could be done.  Though given the amount of time it takes, this will likely be the LAST time I do this en masse, heh.