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Apr 13

Anime Conji 2011 Roundup

Posted by K'thardin

I hope you all appreciate this one. Thanks to the power of my new PC, solving some serious technical issues that plague me on a yearly basis, and having some time to write, I give you everything from Anime Conji’s 2011 Convention.

For starters, to see how it went, let me direct you to the Convention Report as authored by yours truly. If anyone knows where I can find information on the AMV’s and the winner of The Last Comic Standing, assuming anyone was sober by that point since it continued at the bar, let me know so I can update my report.

Now for the remaining movies:

The Black Crystals Concert

The Traci Hines Concert

The Masquerade

I want to thank everyone that made this possible; couldn’t have done it without you. And to one and all, enjoy!

Apr 12

Well, here’s the first of the videos for Anime Conji 2011: The Last Comic Standing event. First year for it, and what a way to start it off. Convention attendees just getting up and making fun of all the stuff we know and love, because they know and love it too and we all get these jokes. It also helps that it was late at night, and alcohol was permitted…this wasn’t for the kiddies folks, heh. But hey, download it and see for yourself, or if you were there, share the memories with someone else.

Thanks again to Nyaa Torrents for being the tracker!