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May 5

Beacon’s Comic Con 2011 Now Up

Posted by K'thardin

And after bugging him for nearly a year we have Beacon’s Comic Con 2011 up for viewing. Almost in time for next year’s Comic Con, hehehehe. Enjoy!

In other news, as soon as I find a plugin for it, I want to see about adding some associates such as Pio and Gensao who also host their pics on other pages. This may require a theme update too, so stay tuned.

May 1

Anime Central 2012 Pics Are Up

Posted by K'thardin

Well folks, I’m getting better about this. Really, I am! It’s only the day after the convention, and yet, I have all the pics for it up! See, they’re right here! You’ve got to believe me!

It was a fantastic year for costumes at ACEN, and even with the unfortunate cancellation of the Masquerade due to the fire alarm, it was a very fun year all around. As always, if you want a larger, unedited, and/or RAW version of your pic if you’re one of the cosplayers, just email me, and I’ll make it available.