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Oct 19

Greetings one and all. Originally I was going to do a review of Ladies vs. Butlers, but the whole thing eventually devolved into two words: Softcore Porn. It was obvious I was going to need to be in a slightly inebriated frame of mind for that one. Next up was Fate – Stay/Night’s Unlimited Blade Works movie. However, I kept on weeping blood and spitting bile calling the producers various names synonymous with ‘coward’, so I’m probably going to need to calm down a bit before I type out 280kb of text stating what utter losers the producers were for the whole Rin thing, but I digress. Given all that I figured I should probably encode the rest of the video that I can. Then I catch a nice little cold.

Anyway, after suffering from both illness and technical difficulties as my Windows machine decides it’s had enough of my tinkering and bluescreened every five seconds, I present to you the Anime Expo 2010 Battle of the Bands as I recorded it from my body harness. Yes, that’s why it shakes so much…a few hours of maintaining that posture really does wonders for your ability to stand much less hold a camera steady.

I’m not sure if I’m ever going to have the video I need for ACEN or Anime Expo’s Masquerades. I’ll need to decide later if I’m going to release them incomplete like that; so it could be awhile before I get to them. Still, download and enjoy the Battle of the Bands, for it is complete and fun…if a little bit shaky, heh.

Oct 7

Well, after some serious problems with Toei and Funimation copyright robots scouring everything that even remotely has a wiff of their content despite whatever fair use is of being made of it, the numerous technical problems, and only the Forces of Darkness know what else, we’ve finally gotten One Piece: The Abridged Series back up and operation for episode three, which I’ve embedded at the end.

This is it for the character I primarily play, which is Koby, but it looks like I’ll remain gainfully employed to play other characters in the near future. Can’t wait for some of them, heheheh. But what are you listening to me for? Click on it and check it out!