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Mar 26

Welcome to TFA Cosplay

Posted by K'thardin

Well, here we are…TFA Cosplay. For those that were wondering, TFA stands for Tenchi Fan Art, which is what this entire website was originally made for. Since then, I’ve found another use for the webspace, and will be the focus of it from now on. On this site, you will find the pictures I and a few others have taken during our time at several conventions. Mostly it’ll be of cosplayers, but there will be the odd item of interest every so often.

For those that have been here before, you’ll note the theme is sparse; never was satisfied with the old site despite it being graced by Belldandy. This will do, at least until I make or find something better.

The site is running on WordPress with Gallery2 integration via the WPG2 plugin; you can see the tab to get to the pictures up top. It is now completely separate from the fanart site, and will be far more customizable because of it. Also far less prone to failure due to the hacks that were implemented in the previous site.

I will continue to add to it as time goes on. Browse freely and enjoy!