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Nov 30

For your viewing pleasure, Beacon has finally, after several thousand years of waiting (kidding man, kidding, heheh), uploaded his Comic Con 2008 pics.  To get to them, click the link up top to enter the galleries, or just click here.

Nov 27

Happy Thanksgiving all!  Hope you all are stuffing your face with the birdies!  Had a steak myself…didn’t want a bird for some reason this time around.  In any event, if you’re up for some light reading, I’ve completed putting comments on several of the pics on the Anime Expo 2008 pages.  To see them in full either right click on the picture and hit open or when the light box opens when you left click on them, click on view photo page.

For those that are wondering why I don’t put comments on all of them, it’s because I’ve often got very little to say.  I don’t take pics that I don’t find to be of great quality, but it gets kinda redundant to keep saying, “Damn good!” every single pic, heh.  Also, I don’t always know the character in question, so it gets kinda redundant to say “Damn good, but I don’t know who she’s coplaying.”  So don’t think that because I didn’t comment that I didn’t think it was a good pic.  Hope you all enjoy the stories on them.

Also, for those that are interested, the Anime Expo 2008 report is finally up in full on Dragon’s Anime.  Happy reading!

Nov 2

Well, after much procrastinating, I finally have Mayhem’s Fanime 2008 pics available for viewing. You can reach it by clicking the link in the previous sentence or by clicking the tab up top.

Any comments can be directed to the Dragon’s Anime message boards thread set aside for Fanime 2008.