Nov 3

Well, in record time, even with Digikam being annoying, I have the pics for Comikaze 2013 up for the few hours I was there. Maybe I’ll make a weekend of it next year; we’ll see.

If you’re one of the cosplayers and want a raw and/or unedited JPG of your pic, let me know and I’ll make them available. Enjoy!

Sep 23

Apologies to all, work has been hitting me with 12 hour shifts recently. Also I don’t have all the pics from the crew this time around, so it’s gonna get a little weird until I can get them. Still, here’s the pics I took for Sac Anime Summer 2013. First time I’ve been to their new location at the Sacramento Convention Center. There was a lot more room to move around in a place that was dedicated to these sorts of gatherings. The Greek Festival beside it was a huge plus.

If you’re one of the cosplayers and want a larger, unedited, and/or raw version of the pic let me know and I’ll make the available. Enjoy!

Aug 13

Final Anime Expo 2013 Pics Up

Posted by K'thardin

I appear to have hit a bug in gallery 3. Until it can be figured out, I’ll have to live with the current state of affairs. This means that the current Anime Expo 2013 sub gallery has been moved to another Anime Expo gallery, and this is where I shall place the pics for Anime Expo for the foreseeable future, or until the problem is corrected. With that in mind, head on over to the new Anime Expo 2013-20xx gallery where you’ll find the pics for 2013. Among them you’ll see pics from our newest member, KamuiX707, our old friend, Mayhem, and several new events added.

I have added the pics for the Burlesque show, but until I can figure out some sort of age verification system on that gallery, I’ll keep them unavailable for the present time.

As is usual, if you’re one of the cosplayers and want a larger/unedited JPG and/or RAW version of your cosplay, let me know, and I’ll make the available. Have fun!

Aug 9

First Anime Expo 2013 Pics Up!

Posted by K'thardin

Well, I’ve had mine up for awhile, I’ll grant, and I was going to wait to make the formal announcement until I managed to get them all up, but this is taking a great deal of time. As such, I’ll just update as I get them done. With this in mind, you can click to the gallery by using the links up top, or just head over here for both mine and Gensao’s Anime Expo 2013 pics.

Bring some popcorn, there’s a massive amount here. As always, if you’re a cosplayer, and you see pics of your cosplay you want in unedited and/or raw format, drop me a line and I’ll make them available.

Jun 3

Gensao, you will be the death of me. After a couple days of processing, we have Gensao’s Fanime 2013 pics up for your viewing pleasure. Also included are his pics for Masquerade, which you can find in the Masquerade section.

Now, I must go and nurse my carpal tunnel with ice and beer.

Jun 1

Mayhem’s Fanime 2013 Now Up

Posted by K'thardin

And now we have Mayhem’s Fanime 2013 up for your viewing pleasure. You can also find his backstage photos for the Masquerade here as well. Now to work on Gensao’s and Pio’s…may all the Gods help me.

May 31

Well, I’ve gotten the first of the Fanime 2013 photos up which you can see by clicking that link back there. These particular ones are my set; I should have the rest, hopefully by this weekend. Gensao’s is going to be…interesting…considering how he tends to take photos, heh.

If you see a photo of yours you want in unedited JPG and/or RAW, let me know and I’ll make them available. Enjoy!

May 21

ACEN 2013 Pics Are Up

Posted by K'thardin

Goddamn Olympus had a bit of dust on the censor…that was a bitch to clean up. In any event, I have now uploaded the pics for ACEN 2013 on the day after the convention…somehow, heh. Actually managed to fill up a memory card on the Olympus and even sap its battery completely. Never done that before. As such it’s obvious I’ll need a spare for that thing if I’m going to keep using it as a secondary camera for when I cosplay.

As is always the case, should any cosplayer want raw and/or unedited JPG’s of their cosplay, let me know and I will make them available. Enjoy!

Apr 29

Gensao’s AOD Photos Up

Posted by K'thardin

I apologize profusely for the delay and will submit myself to the nearest hot leggy blonde dominatrix with spine grinder high heels for punishment. In any event, here are Gensao’s Animation On Display photos. I suspect in time, I’ll categorize them a little better, since most are from concerts, the masquerade, and other events, but the main page will remain constant.

Should you be one of the cosplayers or presenters photo’d and wish a larger and/or raw version of the photo, put a request in at TFA Cosplay’s Facebook page. I’ll see it’s passed on to Gensao so he can make them available.

Apr 14

Anime Conji 2013 Pics Up!

Posted by K'thardin

Well, this is a first. Last day of con, and I have all the pics up for Anime Conji 2013; to get there just click on the tab up top to navigate there, or just click here. Some fantastic cosplay all around this year; I can’t recommend it enough. Don’t forget to like your favorite photos on facebook, Myspace, or wherever with the new social media plugin!

As always, if you’re a cosplayer and want unedited and or raw versions of the pic, email me and I’ll make them available. Enjoy!