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Jul 14

Today I’ve gotten the photoshoot I did with Kasemei up under a sub album of ACEN 2008.  I’m very interested in comments on these so that I can improve (with suggestions fitting into the budget of a poor man mind you).  Being that this was a photoshoot it afforded me more opportunity to perform some artistic shots and edits which I’ve included side by side with some of the regular shots for comparison.

You can reach the pics by clicking the tab up top and navigate to ACEN 2008 in the gallery or by clicking here.  Please leave comments on the Dragon’s Anime Message Boards, and don’t forget: Have Fun!

Jul 9

Anime Expo 2008 pics are up!

Posted by K'thardin

The world is coming to an end.  I have the AX pics up right after con!  Why, you might wonder?  Well, let’s just say that a certain couple of cute girls looked at me and gave me a heartfelt complaint about my tardiness with the Fanime pics…seriously those looks should be classified as lethal weapons.

In any event, click on the tab above to head up and check them out.  I should have Mayhem’s Fanime pics up soon and the photoshoot I did with one particular cosplayer from ACEN in a couple weeks.  As always, if you see your pic, and want larger versions, drop me an email, and I’ll make them available.

Jul 7

Fanime 2008 Part 2 is now up

Posted by K'thardin

Back from AX, and now I have the Fanime 2008 Part 2 pics up.  You can access them via the Fanime 2008 section in the gallery by clicking on the TFA Cosplay Photos tab up top.

Should you want to comment on them, head over to the Dragon’s Anime Forums and tell us how they were.

AX pics will be up shortly, so look forward to that.  As always if you see your photo and you want the full unedited picture, email me and I’ll make it available.  Have fun!