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Jul 14

Upgraded and Fully Operataional

Posted by K'thardin

Well, I’ve upgraded wordpress, gallery2, and all its themes and apps to the latest and greatest versions. The problems with a lack of supporting applications and such have been corrected. Perhaps some tweaking here and there needs to be done, but in any event, the site is now fully operational, complete with actual thumbnails now.

As far as what you’ll see on the site, it should be nearly identical to how it operated before. You can now just click out of the lightbox to close it instead of clicking on the close button, which is more convenient.

Other than that enjoy the pics, especially the ones of Anime Expo 2011 and AM2 2011 that were recently posted. If you were one of the cosplayers and want the raw and/or unedited JPG of your pic, let me know and I’ll make it available.

Also, if anyone knows who the Hellgirl was in the AM2 gallery set, can you let me know? I’ve had a couple of people comment about that one. Yes, she really is shorter than me…hard to believe I know.

Jul 10

It appears during the recent data migration of my webhost, none of the required applications, such as unzip or imagemagick were installed on the new host. The gallery requires some of these features to display itself properly, which is why none of the thumbnails are currently up. I actually have Anime Expo 2011’s pictures processed and uploaded, but until the required applications are installed, the gallery is going to be running in a half assed mode.

Update – I also have AM2’s pics processed and uploaded.