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Mar 17


Posted by K'thardin

This site is the culmination of several years worth of pictures taken at various conventions that the webmaster and others have been to over the years.   Most of what you’ll find here will be of the incredible assortment of cosplayers that showcase their amazing tallent, but there will also be the occasional event or object that has caught our eye and even the occasional commemoration shot.

Originally the site started as a place simply to show friends and family the amazing costumes seen and the people met at the conventions using an Adobe Photoshop web gallery that can be generated in modern versions of the software.  As time went on, a great deal of the cosplayers expressed an interest in the pics as well.

When A Tenchi Fanart Site was upgraded to gallery, so too was the art being showcased in the HTML based Photoshop gallery.  This allowed a greater ease of management of the pictures and a better starting URL that was given out to cosplayers at conventions.  Also two friends of the webmaster began contributing their pics of their convention goings as well.

In 2007, the site was redesigned with a heavenly based theme and graced by Belldandy.  However, despite the beautiful look, the webmaster was not happy with it.  It was a barely functioning mess of Iframes and javascript hacks that did little more than wrap around the gallery application, and was highly prone to bugs and outright failure.  However, it was also the first year that the webmaster had created cards for the site, which is something nearly every cosplayer he had met had requested…these were passed out at Anime Expo 2007 and this will be done for all future conventions.

 In 2008, Gallery 1 was upgraded to Gallery 2 and the Cosplay section was separated from the Fanart section.  Initially it was decided to use Mambo CMS as the front end for the site, but after sage council from his partner in crime and the owner of Dragon’s Anime, the webmaster used a far simpler solution of WordPress.  This has resulted in a complete rebirth of the site into a much cleaner and easier managed site; devoid of all the bugs and problems with navigation that plagued it initially. 

Should you be one of the cosplayers that have been photographed, feel free to send an email requesting larger versions of the pics that have been taken.  Many are available or can be made available as other formats, such as RAW or PNG.

Future upgrades to this site will include a message board to comment on the pics as comments are disabled on the pics themselves, outside of any personal comments the cosplayer or photographer had.  This is to maintain cleaner gallery pages, but comments should be allowed, and means made available…though all will be subject to moderation, of course.

I hope you enjoy the talent and dedication of both the cosplayers and photographers that have contributed to this page.  Browse freely and be welcome!

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