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May 31

Mayhem’s Fanime 2014 Pics Up

Posted by K'thardin

And now for the second set of pics, this time brought to you by Mayhem. In this set we have his normal Fanime 2014 cosplay pics, his pics taken at the Cosplay Bikini Contest, and his Masquerade backstage pics.

As is usual, you can message me or Mayhem to get a larger and or raw version of your cosplay if you see it up there. Enjoy!

May 30

Alright, before the main event, I’ll make a note that yes, we’ve implemented a verification check. It doesn’t work like how I want it to, but it is better than nothing, and will allow me a level of plausible deniability to upload various photos that are far more risque than I’d normally be comfortable without at least asking, ‘sure you really want to go there?’ Mostly I’d like to implement it on an as needed basis, be it galleries or individual pics, but unless I can manage to code my own, this is what I have to work with.

Given that, we now have the pics that I’ve taken up for Fanime 2014, which also include the pics taken at the Cosplay Bikini Contest (viewer discretion advised on that one). As time goes on, I’ll add the pics from Gensao, Pio, and Mayhem for this event, as well as a lot of other pics for past events that I can now add. If you gave me your card this year, I’ll be mailing out notices soon. If you’re one of the cosplayers and see your pic there and want a larger and/or raw version, send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


May 19

ACEN 2014 Pics Up For Viewing

Posted by K'thardin

In what has to be record time, I have the 2014 Anime Central Pics up in the gallery. Despite some of the press related issues, the convention goers themselves continue to outdo themselves time and time again, and this year was no exception. Though I will say it’s damn near impossible to get to a gathering and take pictures anymore, due to the shear amount of people and photographers there. Still, you’re not here to listen to me bitch, so click that link up there or head up to the gallery button up top and navigate to those photos; you won’t be dissapointed.

As is usual, if you’re one of the cosplayers and want a larger and or raw version of the photos, message us via whatever method suits you best, and we’ll make them available.