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Jun 25

Fanime 2008 pics part 1 are up

Posted by K'thardin

First part of the Fanime 2008 pics are up, and about time, too.  I need to go through and comment on both these and some of the ACEN pics.  I had to divide up the pics this time due to the way my new camera names the files…unfortunately every time I toss in a new memory card, it resets the naming numbers…I’ll need a larger memory card, heh.

As always check out the tab above for the pics.   Have fun!

Jun 1

ACEN ’08 pictures are uploaded!

Posted by K'thardin

Well, finally managed to upload the Anime Central ’08 pics.  Took me forever since none of the normal upload methods were working at the moment.  You can access it via the link to the right or the tab on top

Hope you all enjoy them!  And remember, if you see your pic there, and want a copy or the RAW version of the pic, just email me and I’ll make it available.