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Oct 22

And finally, I get the last of Mayhem’s pics up for Anime Expo 2009. I figure I made the point to myself, and demonstrated to everyone else what could be done with the pics to make them look real good for the first 100. There’s no need to do 300 more pics like that unless someone specially requests theirs…and I do take requests.

To get to the pics, click up on the link up top to go to the gallery, or just click here.

Oct 22

Having finally managed to resurrect the Platinum Dragon as an undead Lich (J/K man, heheheh) I once again turn my attention to the final torrent of this season’s convention videos, that being the Anime Expo 2009 Masquerade. It was entertaining, but I must admit, nothing stood out in my mind this year, other than the half time show. Either way, it was a fun time.

Here in a bit, I’ll upload the final pics from Mayhem’s 2009 collection, and hopefully by this weekend, I’ll have the final annotations of the pics that I want to make up. Then finally, maybe I can review something.

As before, we have Nyaa Torrents to thank for our tracker. Have fun!