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Sep 2

I am the king of procrastination! Fear my ability to put off to tomorrow what I can do today! Failing that, check out what I did a couple months ago at Anime Expo 2010 and Club 2 The Maxx, a competing one day event to Anime Expo.

Despite the initial prediction of looming disaster, I have to admit, this Anime Expo was quite fun, though I doubt it would have been as fun without the Club 2 The Maxx event. It’s something to consider that maybe there needs to be a few competing events during a convention; meaning the convention and someone putting on something else similar right next to it, so if the party is going bad in one, you can bail to the other. It may work out better in the long run, but regardless it certainly did this year. Still, go ahead and check it out, maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion.

I’ve also updated the ACEN 2010 report to include the location to the entertaining AMV “The Cyrus Virus” which was the AMV that perked me up at the end of the convention after suffering from serious burnout.