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Jan 18

I’m actually thinking of putting the pics in categories either separated by convention, by photographer, or both. Not sure yet how I’d do both, but I’ll do some research into that. Also thinking of changing the domain, but I’ve been considering that for years now. We’ll see how that goes.

However, for today’s offerings, we have Mayhem’s SAC Anime Pics for Winter 2011 up for viewing which you can get to by clicking the tab up there on top or just by clicking here. I’d say more about it, but I’ll let Mayhem do that when we post his report on Dragon’s Anime.

As always, if you’re one of the cosplayers and want a larger and/or raw version of the pic you see here, just make us aware of it, and we’ll make it available. Have fun!

Jan 12

Anime L.A. Winter 2011 Pics Up

Posted by K'thardin

So, last weekend I decided to attend a day of Anime L.A. over in…well, Los Angeles. A nice little two and a half hour drive, where by I tested my new camera, an Olympus E-PL1. As far as a field test goes, I’d call it successful, though I obviously need more practice in its use. Still, I managed to take a few photos that I liked which you can find here on this site or just click that little tab up there on top of the page.

Overall, it’s a very small and limited convention. Fun, but nothing at all like the larger ones where you’re running around so hard that you can’t see straight. At this one, you’ll find yourself sitting down and attending the panels or events because there’s really not much else to do after you’ve photographed a couple hundred cosplayers and gone through all the rooms about ten times. This is not a criticism of the convention; one doesn’t need to be running around all the goddamn time at conventions. Sometimes it’s okay to go to something like this, and I’m glad they exist.

My only real regret is that I decided to just be an attendee this time around. I should have brought my video camera, because the Traci Hines concert was a whole lot of fun this time around. Not in spite of all that screwed up, but BECAUSE of all that screwed up. If some video pops up of that, I’ll be sure to post a link in the future.

As always, if you’re one of the cosplayers and want a larger version or the RAWs of the pics, email me and I’ll make them available. Have fun, one and all!