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TFA Cosplay » Blog Archive » ACEN ’08 is over, but Fanime 08 is just around the corner!
May 19

Just got back from ACEN ’08 which was, by far, the best convention I’ve ever been to. I’ll elaborate more on Dragon’s Anime. On that subject for those who I gave my card to, I do apologize if I didn’t mention it was a double sided card. If you turn it over, you’ll see the Dragon’s Anime information which is where one will be able to read convention reports as well as several reviews and articles that I and a couple of others have written. One can use the forums there to post comments on the pics until such time as I have a forum stood up here.

Pics will be up shortly after I get back from Fanime and have time to go through them for the purposes of lighting and color correction. Stay tuned for further developments.

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