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Sep 2

KamuiX707’s Fanime Pics Up

Posted by K'thardin

It took another convention, and some creatively applied asphyxiation, but I finally have KamuiX707’s photos from Fanime up. Quite a number, I’ll admit, so you’ll be able to enjoy them. Especially as he’s definitely trying to branch into more of a photoshoot discipline rather than the hall photos I currently enjoy doing. It should be noted that his Masquerade photos were tragically a lost cause, so we’ll not be getting any of those this year unfortunately. Still, what he does have is excellent. So what are you waiting for? Get over there and check them out! And remember, if you get the content warning, once you click ‘Enter’ you’ll need to click back on your browser to get to the album in question. Enjoy!

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