Welcome to A Tenchi Fanart Archive v4.0…or so.

Yeah, I think this is about the 4th iteration of this site. Anyway, welcome to A Tenchi Fanart Archive. For those of you who’ve been here before, you’ll note the site has been renamed, which encompasses its new role in the scheme of things.

What does this mean? There will be no further submissions of artwork accepted, outside of maybe the occasional update from an artist I personally know. To be honest, no one has sent me any for quite some time. With sites like deviant art and others giving artist their own individual archives and webspace without the need for lengthy setup procedures and the advent of the likes of google to replace link repositories such as Anipike, it is painfully obvious this site, and others like it, have lived past their relevance. Therefore, the time has come to retire A Tenchi Fanart Page. It had a good run, it really did, but the time has come to close it.

So what happens now? I’m not going to just take the site offline; I may never do that. Also, there’s a lot of fanart pictures from the series of Tenchi Muyo that you’ll find nowhere else, and it would be a shame to have them lost to those that would still appreciate them. However, it will now become more like a museum, rather than a dynamically updating content provider such as mediaminer; hence the rechristening to an archive.

Like TFA cosplay, you’ll note that the theme is sparse. As much as I loved the complex theme of the previous site, and how good it looked, it took months to make and was far harder to administer. Still, the site isn’t quite how I’d like it to look at the moment. I definitely want to change the coloration a bit, maybe add some window dressing here and there, but nothing major. Every so often, I might change the theme, so don’t be alarmed if you come in and things are just a bit different from time to time, heh.

The access to the gallery is both on a link to your right and the button on top. This site is running on WordPress and the old gallery has been updated to Gallery2 which is embedded into this WordPress site via the WPG2 plugin. Administration has been and should be far easier and less time consuming than ever before.

To one and all, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay in this place which contains the love and effort of so many.