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May 23

Anime Central 2010 Pics Posted

Posted by K'thardin

As I sit here listening to Kung Fu Fighting by Fun Thomas and Carl Douglas, all the while wondering what the Hell I’m thinking going to conventions back to back like I do with ACEN and Fanime, I’ve managed to complete the processing and uploading of the pics from Anime Central 2010, which you can find by clicking on the tab up top or just clicking right here to go directly to it.

This year was somewhat odd in that I didn’t attend too many gatherings, and the ones I did, with a couple of exceptions, I didn’t stay long at. This had more to do with the increased (though not unwelcome) responsibilities I had as a member of the press this year for ACEN, but I’ll get to that more in my report. In Anime Conji I was able to play a bit with my new lens, but here at ACEN, I think I really put it through its paces and I am very pleased with some of the gems I managed to acquire.

As always, if you’re a cosplayer that sees their pic and wants the bigger unedited and/or RAW versions (in Nikon Electronic Format or .NEF if you prefer) don’t hesitate to email me, and I will make it available. And to any and all, I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

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