Aug 14

First 100 of Mayhem’s Pics Up!

Posted by K'thardin

In my quest to make high quality pics, I’ve discovered a new tool…Topaz Labs.  These are Photoshop plugins that are nearly black magic when it comes to eliminating noise, artifacts, and sharpening edges…among other things I’ve found.  Anything that can use a photoshop plugin can use these…so I’m running them off of Irfanview in WINE on Kubuntu.  I swear it runs better that way than on a normal Windows box.

With that in mind, check out the first 100 or so Mayhem’s Pics from Anime Expo 2009!  I’ve been using them as a test case, and I’m rather impressed with the tool overall.  I’ll complete his pics this year in this tool as a good showcase for what could be done.  Though given the amount of time it takes, this will likely be the LAST time I do this en masse, heh.

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